Project Description

Quality of Service and Traffic Shaping

Quality of Service (QoS) is the capability to adjust some quality aspects of your overall network traffic. This can include such techniques as priority-based queuing and traffic policing. Because bandwidth is finite and because some types of traffic are slow, jitter or packet loss sensitive, bandwidth intensive, or operation critical, QoS can be a useful tool for optimizing the performance of the various applications on your network.

For example, a hotel might want to guarantee sufficient bandwidth for Guest WiFi. They need to ensure that hotel guest do not experience service delays and interruptions. At the same time, the hotel may need to ensure low latency for Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic used by front desk and sales staff.

Minds At Development provide equipment that provides Quality of Service (QoS) by applying bandwidth limits and prioritization. Using traffic shaping, we can allocates resources to different traffic types to improve performance and stability of latency sensitive or bandwidth intensive network applications.